The Hackman at his computer

body {
  background-color: lightgrey;
  color: blue;

h1 {
  background-color: black;
  color: white;
/* use none to get rid of bullets;
other selections: circle, upper-roman, lower-alpha  */

ul { list-style-type:square;

li { text-transform:uppercase;

ul.a { list-style-type:upper-roman;       
li.a { text-transform:lowercase;

This demonstrates how to build a Table of Contents (TOC)

using a list with the HTML tag, ul .

The number of dots, periods, to the page number will vary
depending on the pixel size of the lettering.
e.g. Three periods = 1 letter; Can use for TOC
To properly space count periods from longest words
+ and add three periods for each letter that the title is short
from the longest word



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