This is Cooper
He is allowed on Cape Henlopen
in the off-season

One day he pulled me down!!

And started to drag me in

the sand

He is a good doggie
and did not hurt me
So you still can contribute to his fund

Weather For Delaware Beach
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Autumn Folk Festival Is Now History

Listen to music from last year's festival

From September 10th - 12th, come to Sunrise for the annual autumn folk festival. The Sunrise Festival is quickly becoming one of the Northwest's top folk events, with intimate performances from world-famous troubadours. Camping spots are still available at Sunrise campground, but they're going fast.

In addition to song sharing in the campground every evening during the festival, there'll be workshops, great food and craft vendors. Call Maria Thompson at 555-9011 for camping information. Call Ted Cashman (555-8122) to sign up for one of the workshops.

Visitors Prepare to Meet MRIM

Preview a clip from MRIM

Want to see what it's like to hover over Columbia Crest at 14,400 feet, or ski down the Ingraham Glacier without fear of falling? Then visit MRIM, the Mount Rainier Interactive Map now available at the Paradise visitors' center.

MRIM uses state-of-the-art computer animation combined with data from geological satellites to help you explore places you might never visit on foot. The results of your journey are displayed on a large screen monitor - perfect for group presentations or individual explorations. Contact Doug LeCourt at Paradise for more information.

Cape Henlopen

Enjoy almost 4,000 acres of history, natural wonders, and sunshine at Cape Henlopen State Park. Guarded beaches,
a ¼ mile fishing pier stretching into Delaware Bay, and family campgrounds are just a few of the features at this popular beach park.
The Seaside Nature Center offers a variety of programs year-round and is an ideal gathering point for birdwatching during the spring and fall migrations.
Call (302) 645-8983.

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